Advanced Analytics to be #1 Investment Priority for CIOs in 2016 Globally

By end 2016, the Predictive Analytics market will alone be close to $3 billion, says Infoholic Research. The technology or solutions to watch for will be Microsoft

Infoholic Research predicts advanced analytics to be the #1 investment priority for CIOs in the upcoming years. The adoption and usage of advanced analytics solutions will have a major impact on executive decision-making as a result of inferences drawn from the enterprise data silos. As per the study, North America is the leading region in the usage of advanced analytics solutions, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe. Riding on the back of this wide adoption of advanced analytics solutions across various sectors, the Advanced Analytics market is expected to grow at CAGR of 26.8% for the period of 2016-22. Analyzing the market by industry vertical, the major share of Advanced Analytics solution offtake is seen from IT & Telecoms (32%), followed by Healthcare and BFSI (21% each). Growth across the verticals has led to the overall growth of the Advanced Analytics market. K R Sreenivaasan, Founder Director at Infoholic Research said,


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