Active.Ai Selects AWS as its Preferred Cloud Provider

Singapore-based fintech company chooses AWS for its scalability, agility, and functionality

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), an company, announced that Active.Ai, a conversational AI (artificial intelligence) platform provider for financial services companies, has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider to power the delivery of conversational AI capabilities through its platform TRINITI.

This enterprise AI platform for the financial services industry (FSI) runs on AWS to provide customers with a reliable, agile, and scalable experience. Running on AWS’s fault-tolerant, highly performant infrastructure, Active.AI is able to create a solid foundation for TRINITI which enables customers, such as banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions, to support voice-based transactions in the cloud.

Moving TRINITI from on-premises to AWS has enabled Active.Ai to reduce the cost of its platform by five times for its customers. Leveraging AWS’s GPU infrastructure with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Active.Ai performs advanced workloads like machine learning, and quickly scales capacity during peak times, such as when testing new applications.  Since the first day of operation on AWS, Active.Ai has been able to deploy new applications quicker while reducing costs and keeping financial data secure.

“By taking a cloud-first approach with AWS as our preferred cloud provider, we are giving our developers and data scientists access to the broadest and deepest portfolio of cloud services so that they can innovate with speed and at scale to build and deliver relevant financial services tools to our customers,” said Ravishankar, CEO and co-founder of Active.Ai.

“Operating on AWS has allowed us to stay focused on driving innovation rather than spending our resources on maintaining our infrastructure. Their unmatched performance and scalability make it possible for us to deliver even more value to our customers as we uncover new ways to intuitively and intelligently engage with the customer on mobile, chat, or voice enabled IOT devices using AI.”

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