Ace Turtle accelerates Omnichannel Enablement of Brands

Launches Integrace, the first of its kind integration platform

Ace Turtle, Asia’s leading omni-channel platform company announced the launch of Integrace, the first of its kind integration platform for enterprise brands. The platform captures all data (structured, semi-structured or unstructured) from disparate systems that its brand partners operates, correlate it to the right context using its specific context-mapping patterns, and finally, makes it ready for transformation for omnichannel enablement.

The platform eliminates data silos in the retail ecosystem through faster integration and transformation, hence reducing the integration time for enterprise brands looking to enable omnichannel solution by more than 70 percent.

Most brands have a wide array of legacy systems and data stored on a range of systems, both internal and external. In order to provide its customers a true omnichannel experience, all these systems must be integrated among each other as well as with the ecosystem partners such as demand channels, distribution centres and logistic partners system to make the supply chain work.

However, with so many parts across the supply chain needing to come together, there is not only a challenge of multiplicity but also the different age of the systems, the difference in architecture of these systems and off course the challenges of data transformation.

Nitin Chhabra, CEO, Ace Turtle said “Enterprise brands today need an omnichannel integration solution that unifies point of sales and inventory touch points for a consistent brand experience. However, inconsistency in data flow resulting from siloed channels that the brand has in its ecosystem comes as the biggest hindrance to effective business operation and impedes productivity.

"With ‘Integrace’, brands can now focus completely on their business, as the platform has the unique capability of integrating any form of data across various systems, for quicker and smarter transformation that can power omnichannel enablement.”

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