Accenture and Adobe Teams Up For AI Solutions

Accenture and Adobe Partner to Innovate Industry-Specific AI Solutions for Marketing Advancement.

Accenture and Adobe team up to create custom AI solutions using Adobe Firefly, aimed at boosting personalized content creation and streamlining content supply chains. With a focus on retail, automotive, finance, and healthcare, Accenture's data expertise merges with Adobe's AI tools for globally consistent and industry-specific marketing transformations. 

Through API access and integration with Adobe's suite, marketers can refine campaigns based on performance, reducing manual efforts. Additionally, Accenture engineers will specialize in Adobe Firefly to support clients in deploying AI campaigns effectively.

David Droga, chief executive officer at Accenture Said “Whether it’s consumer goods companies scaling their product data and images in e-marketplaces worldwide, or healthcare providers ensuring brand standards for patient safety, the demand for scalable generative AI solutions is increasing. By bringing together Adobe technology with Accenture Song’s tech-powered creativity, we can help democratize the ability for teams to develop creative assets and accelerate content supply chain transformation.” 

Accenture's research shows that 97% of business leaders believe generative AI will transform their companies and industries. Yet, only 31% have made significant investments in such initiatives. Accenture aims to provide solutions to help clients navigate work reinvention, organizational transformation, and responsible AI adoption.

“In recognition of our technology and industry experience and decades-long relationship, Adobe has selected Accenture to help develop and deliver industry-specific generative AI capabilities that will give organizations the tools they need to unlock new value. Together with Adobe, we’re continuing to invest in the talent and technology needed to drive next-generation experiences for our clients.” added by Jim LaLonde, lead of the Accenture Adobe Business Group.



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