AI’s vision to a better future

Adoption of new-gen technology will be helping in having a better future for people

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green climate save earth shutterstock_330547634
green climate save earth shutterstock_330547634

Human activities have resulted in the degradation of the environment. It has come to a point that the environment is now suffering. This is the time where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are needed to save humans from themselves. 

The impact of developing technology is seen regularly in every domain. Our environment’s condition too, has been discussed quite often with the rising concerns. Rise in temperature that has affected the world and the change in climate has made a difference in other patterns, those are: water availability, energy generation, global warming, and natural disasters. 

While technology can help in fighting the drastic changes in climate by analyzing them, ML is a deep concept of AI which helps in analyzing the data by the computer on its own. 

David Rolnick, advised by other leading fellow professionals formulated the suggestions and recommendations given by many AI research experts on how machine learning can be put in use to save the planet. According to the compiled report, ML has covered 13 domains from agriculture to climate predictions. Every domain has been covered under the technology. Some of the examples of how ML is helping in certain domains are: 

Electricity systems- We need more energy for pursuing various utilities, so it would be of great help to know how much energy we need right now. AI will be helping to increase the storage of energy. Some algorithms already exist which help in analyzing the demand and supply of electric energy. More algorithms are being made to interpret the output.

Emission of harmful gasses- Greenhouse gases are released from everywhere causing pollution in the environment. And this becomes a major concern when there are no trees and plants to refine the polluted environment. So with the help of AI and satellite imagery, we can detect and save the place.

Prediction of weather- Some of the major changes in climate soon will be taken care of by AI systems. AI soon will be able to predict weather events, cloud cover, drought, and hurricanes. This can help in protecting against the tough weather conditions.

Efficiency in transportation- The carbon-di-oxide emitted from the vehicles causes pollution. AI is going to add a device in the vehicles to monitor the emission of such gasses released in air and water.

The efficiency of buildings- Weather forecasting and predicting climate change, a smart building can itself manage and control its efficiency. How much power is needed and how to control the cooling, heating and other activities in a building.

Still there remain things that are out of the approach of today’s AI. Certain problems do not have a particular solution. There won’t be seen any improvement if humans don’t stop hampering with the environment. The results will not be seen unless and until AI and humanity go hand in hand. It won’t be a one side job to do. The cooperation will be needed. 


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