“Over the next 10 years India will leapfrog many countries on the digital transformation side”

BW CIO in conversation with Raj Mruthyunjayappa, MD Campus Management Corporation (EMEA and APAC) & Talisma Corporation talks to us about the need for the digital push and their plans for the Indian market.

India has been witnessing a massive digital growth in the recent years and the much needed impetus has been provided by the present government with its initiatives on Digital India, Make in India & Skill India. 

Talisma Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of US based Campus Management Corporation has been playing a significant role on its own to create the digital push with its innovative ideas and initiatives in the industry.

The digital platform further enables organisations to address business challenges in today’s digital world with an ever connected customer who prefers to engage and transact with brands on their preferred terms and channels. 

BW CIO in conversation with Raj Mruthyunjayappa, MD Campus Management Corporation (EMEA and APAC) & Talisma Corporation talks to us about the need for the digital push and their plans for the Indian market. 

India is witnessing a huge shift in the digital growth sector. Could you shed some light on the company’s plans to engage with government for impetus in digital growth in India?

Education is a critical element and driver in the growth, productivity and transformation of a nation. Individuals can improve themselves and become better citizens through learning. Campus Management is honoured to be an integral digital enabler of the delivery of quality education to improve outcomes and to facilitate building relationships with all constituents to bring them together towards that end. Campus Management is currently engaging with several states as well as central government in various digital initiatives in education sector. 

The skill India movement has garnered a lot of attention. Talk to us about Campus Management’s solution and innovation for NSDC for the government. 

In India we have been working closely with a few state skill bodies and the National skill development corporation for the past 4 years. We have delivered a comprehensive software solution that manages the end-to-end Skill Development program for NSDC across the country. 

The company’s SDMS is a citizen-centric, user friendly, reliable Skill Development and Management system that has access channels connected to 18 ministries within the Central Government, corporate bodies, skill agencies, NSDC and citizens.

The cloud based Skill Development Management System delivered by us provides a comprehensive solution to address the end to end requirement of NSDC. The Skills Development and Management Solution  is built as a central information repository, which handles information across all partners, individuals who are take training, corporates\SMB’s who are looking for skilled individuals and the Government of India to track resources, finance and skill utilization across the country.

There are various innovations that has evolved over the past few years from streamlining process to get citizens onboard the program and checks-n-balances to ensure beneficiary see the ultimate value of Skill India mission. 

With the government trying to make a conscious effort for people to adopt the digital move, what is the future you envision in this sector few years from now?

There is a generational shift happening at this point with the younger India already growing up under the digital world. Campus Management is definitely in the right place to be able to influence this digital drive as we work on the education sector. This is where majority of the young citizens are groomed and what better way than developing and polishing up their skills on the digital platform. Over the next 10 years India will leapfrog many countries on the digital transformation side. 

What is your take on the make in India initiative and what according to you is the need of the hour to improve the quality? 

For the Make in India initiative to succeed the focus should be on education and upskilling for employability, infrastructure readiness, ease of doing business and R&D readiness to compete in a very competitive global market. 

From our perspective and the business we operate in, we see education and upskilling as an immediate ‘must address’ to create additional jobs for the growing youth base and also ensuring these skills serve the long term, considering the pace of technology advancement in areas of automation and robotics. This is not unique to India alone. 

Policy and execution approach will be the litmus test for success, both for the immediate and mid-term. This would be a fascinating journey for India and would be an example for other countries to emulate in their own journeys. With a population dividend in its favour and the sheer size of talent available, India has all the ingredients for success. 

Could you share with us some insights about the campus management and the company’s plan for Digital India.

Over 1,100 colleges and universities across 30 countries rely upon the enterprise software and professional services of Campus Management Corporation. In India we work with private and state universities in helping them with their advancement goals, enterprise efficiency, compliance and regulation mandates and future proofing them for the digital world. 

We have also deployed a web based integrated governance system for the Directorate of vocational education and Training (DVET), Maharashtra, covering all the 35 districts and sub-districts supervised by 6 divisional offices of DVET under a single unified technology platform. This comprehensive platform covers the entire cycle from application management to employability.

The system will be used by all stakeholders from candidates to Directorate of Vocational Education and Technical administration, admissions to industry placements. DVET Maharashtra has stood out, by leveraging the right combination of technology to reach candidates across all sections for an inclusive approach.

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