Blockchain and Uses: iExec and Decentralized Apps

The use cases are day by day multiplying and the technology is in constant progress

While the Blockchain holds the technology world spellbound, we are entitled to wonder how this could impact our daily life. iExec is the "first online store" of decentralized applications running through the Blockchain.

The startup has been putting up partnerships with Flixxo and Signals. The first is offering online decentralized videos and the second a crypto trading platform.

The blockchain is a sharing and historization technology of decentralized information. By its architecture, it is perfectly transparent and secure. Until recently, the Blockchain was still a potentiality; today, startups like iExec, have given it a materialization. The revolution is on the move.

Nowadays, the Internet allows us to get in touch easily with one another throughout the use of private servers. When we log on social networks, we are browsing on pages linked to companies and therefore linked to the companies servers. On the Blockchain, the process is different because we are connected to the network itself.

From a practical point of view, what is the variation?

Concerning Flixxo, the iExec blockchain removes middlemen. Currently, on the most well-known sites, retailers manage the entire value chain. The director, the advertiser and the viewer are connected to the platform.

With Flixxo, this is no longer the case. The director can sell his video directly online, choose advertisers and negotiate contracts. All can then hope for better revenues for artists, less hacking and lower costs for viewers. Trade relations are then more accurate.

The use cases are day by day multiplying and the technology is in constant progress. More than ever, the setting-up by iExec of the first marketplace to support all types of Dapps (or Apps) is the illustration of these disruptive advances promised.

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